How it works

4 Simple Steps to Sell your Books Online

Step 1. Sign up

Setting up your account is free till you officially publish. Use a valid email and billing address. Fill in all requested information so we can process your sales and Royalty Payments accordingly.

You will need to provide a PayPal account so we can send your royalties/ebook and print sales. This is the only way our Instant Payment works. There is no orther way to get paid.

Don’t worry, you won't be billed until you publish your ebook, so take as much time as necessary setting up your account.

Step 2. Upload your manuscript

Upload a valid EPUB file and make sure your Table of Contents is ACTIVATED within your EPUB. EbookStores will not accept EPUB's if you don't have a fully functional Table of Contents.

Upload a digital file according to Amazon’s guidelines. If you run into formatting issues you can always send us your digital files for a quote.

Upload a 1400 x 2100 JPEG. Make sure you include the title of your eBook/print and the author's name on your cover page. They must match the ebook/print information you will enter in Step 4 within your dashboard account.

Step 3. Enter your book information

Enter your Book information ACCURATELY as the words you write shall be posted on the eBookstores you select. Insert author name(s), contibutor(s), biography, book description and number of pages.

This is where you can enter your eBook price ($0 to whatever price you intend to sell your ebook) or print version.

Select your subject categories (BISAC, BIC, CLIL, etc.) so buyers can find your book by catogory.

Choose one or more eBookstores from the following :


Google Play/Books

Apple iBookstore

Barnes & Noble

Kobo Rakuten

You maintain all rights(100 %) to your work and have the freedom to publish on other digital channels or with traditional print publishing companies. HOWEVER, we don't accept any form of double distribution on the same eBookStores or Retail Channels. If your ebook/print version is already published with one or more of the above retail channels, either choose a different eBookstore or if you prefer, remove your digital content with the retail channel and upload with us. It's up to you!

If you have your own ISBN, insert it within your eBook or print version. In addition, online stores will display their own identifier appearing in the description (metadata) of your book in order to facilitate daily management and royalty payments.

Step 4. Publish

Once you hit "Publish", your digital files will be pending QA status before publishing. Once accepted, your ebook/print version will be sent to the retail channel(s) you have selected for publication.

The best by far. Book analytics is the game changer when it comes to sales. We give you the tools to dissect, analyze and understand your market, yet we leave it up to you to handle your promotion.

Manage eBooks and Printed books with Amazon directly from your dashboard account. Track and print royalty payout statements and worldwide sales for every distribution channel.

As soon as we receive your eBookstores royalties/ebook sales, we immediately post the amount of money available/cleared (100% of your Net Sales) and send an email notification to you. No waiting, and no holding of your funds!

A good friend of yours just noticed spelling errors in your ebook/print version or maybe you want to update information posted on eBookstores or price changes for a promotion. No problem, send us an email with all the details and we will push the changes according to your Pricing Plan.